Minimalists are those that value the simplicity in life; they seek simple, sleek designs when it comes to furniture. The living room is an important aspect of any home and serves as a place to relax and reflect when the hectic work or school day comes to an end. Minimalistic designs are one of the hottest furniture trends for Spring 2010 and nowhere is this more important than in the living room area. A chaotic, crowded living room area can rise stress levels through the roof and make the entire home look messy and unkempt.

Modern classic furniture addresses the dilemma of clutter and chaos by introducing simple, clean designs that are both trendy and useful. For example, designs by Isamu Noguchi are minimalistic to the untrained eye, but they are intricate works of art nonetheless. His Noguchi Table is a testament to his genius; it features a rounded-corner glass triangle coffee base with an interesting interlocking wooden base. The table is as functional as it is visually appealing, a characteristic that many modern classic furniture designs share. Another popular collection of modern classic furniture design comes in the form of Harry Bertoia’s wire chairs; these feature sleek, welded steel rods in an intricate design that is sturdy, but also incredibly comfortable. This collection includes an amalgam of different designs including; kids chairs, barstools, diamond shaped chairs and a few others as well.

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