If you are interested in modern classic furniture that clearly demonstrates a modern approach as well as classic style, you could wind up spending thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.  Large department stores, furniture stores with national chains and other even foreign designers sell their modern classic furniture at prices that are through the roof.  Even online furniture stores are selling their items at prices that are simply shocking.  For the average consumer, especially now, this is a vital factor.

Getting furniture with modern style mixed with classic design can be incredibly difficult.  Often times, people think that they have to pay incredible sums of money to get rare items, but this is not necessarily the case with modern classic furniture.  While department stores such as Macy’s and furniture stores such as Ethan Allen charge consumers incredible prices, Ezmod Furniture provides a great selection of high quality modern classic furniture at a great price.  Other online furniture retailers offer similar items, but their prices are sometimes two and three times what Ezmod charges for their selection.

For example, take the Nelson Style Bench in black.  The Nelson Style Bench is sold for upwards of $350 at some of our competitors’ sites, which is about the list price.  However, Ezmod Furniture sells the Nelson Style Bench for just $209!  That’s a savings of around 40 percent! Same quality, same style, same product for 40 percent less – do you even have to think twice about that?

Another great example is the Noguchi Style Coffee Table.  A competitor site has it listed at $419.  In fact, this particular competitor has it listed as marked down from $840.  However, at Ezmod, we are offering the Tribeca Coffee Table (another name for the Noguchi Style table) for just $360.  That’s another savings of almost 15 percent.  Saving this kind of money saves consumers enough money to keep some money in their pockets, use it for other bills or even use it to purchase more modern classic furniture. 

If you or someone you know needs high quality modern classic furniture, check out the selection available at Ezmod Furniture.  We have a great selection, an easy to use website and some of the best items for any room of your home.