One of the great things about Ezmod’s collection of modern classic furniture is that so many different items are perfect for children.  Our furniture offerings possess the colors, durability and overall design perfect for all ages.  For example, below are a few items that might fit perfectly in your kids’ room.

Plywood Lounge Chair with Pony Hide
The Earnes Molded Plywood Lounge Chair is truly an iconic piece of modern classic furniture, and its look appeals to children as well as teenagers.  The original version of this chair permanently resides in New York’s famed Museum of Modern Art.  It was originally designed in 1946 and was ahead of its time.  The list price for this chair is $360, but Ezmod has this listed at just $235, quite a deal for such an iconic item.

Bubble Chair
Ezmod’s Bubble Chair is a reproduction of a mid-century classic and an amazingly unique piece of modern classic furniture.  Originally designed Aarnio, our reproduction is based on the original Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair.  This chair, which hangs from the ceiling, is so unique and comfortable that the Norwegian telephone company Telenor installed some of them in the entrance to their new building in Oslo.  The list price for the Bubble Chair is just under $1,800, but Ezmod has them for sale at half that price!

Kids Panton Style S Chair
The Kids Panton Style S Chair comes in black and red, and the design is based upon the original design of the adult version.  The original chair was designed in 1967 and is seen as an original modern classic piece of furniture.  The list price of this item goes for $199.99, but Ezmod’s price once again beats the list price by 50 percent!  We have the chair for sale for less than $100.

Lip Kiss Chair
Children, pre-teens and teenagers want furniture that can stand up to a beating and that looks great.  The Red Kiss Chair is a piece of modern classic furniture that will amaze their friends and stand up to spilled drinks, dropped popcorn and more.  The chair is normally listed at $800, but Ezmod has it at $500.

Lip Kiss Loveseat
The Lip Kiss Loveseat goes perfectly with Lip Kiss Chair, but it provides a wider seating area for your children.  At $200 below the list price, this modern classic masterpiece is covered in red fabric and has the shape of a pair of kissing lips. 

As you can see, Ezmod’s selection of modern classic furniture suits the needs of parents looking to furnish the bedrooms, play rooms and living rooms of their children.