As we enter a new decade, furniture trends continue to shift toward a modern classic furniture angle that has defined several eras since the 1950s. As the economy has shifted, people’s tastes in furniture and design have also followed suit. Furniture aficionados have increasingly gone after simplistic, modern designs and this trend seems to be on the way up into the next decade. Recycled furniture, simplistic, inexpensive furniture and highly original handcrafted works seem to be leading the way into the new decade and modern classic furniture features a few of those characteristics that people are increasingly seeking.

Furniture trend experts predict an increase in furniture that features sleek, simple designs that are able to complement any room. Originality is also a defining factor of what people are looking to purchase. Modern classic furniture features classic designs that are given a contemporary makeover in order to complement any room that they are placed in.
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The Nelson Style Bench that we offer is the perfect example of the current furniture trend shift; it is practical and stylish. The bench features a classic design and can be used as a table, a bench and a platform. This item is characterized by its clean, crisp lines and is a testament to the craftsmanship of all of our offerings; it’s a high-quality reproduction that is as close to the original as possible.

If you are looking for contemporary furniture that is simplistic, but sturdy and dependable, you don’t need to look any further than Ezmod Furniture. We offer high-quality reproductions of classic works by designers such as George Nelson, Le Corbusier, Harry Bertoia, Eileen Gray, Isamu Noguchi and many more. Be sure to visit our website at to browse through our large inventory of modern classic furniture reproductions and originals. There you will be able to look at detailed photographs and descriptions of all of our furniture, be sure to check back often as new items become available.