“Home is where the heart is”, they say and that is certainly true for frequent movers. Whether it’s college students, business travelers, military families or just those suffering from wanderlust, repeat movers need to keep it simple when it comes to furnishing their homes. Having moved six times in the past 16 years, I have learned some valuable tips for furnishing for future moves that can save you time and money.

I am a recent cross country mover who had to purge a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house full of belongings accumulated from 5 people over a span of 8 years! All we could take with us was what fit into a 16’x 8’ moving trailer and that filled up quick. Moving to California where it sometimes seems like there are  more transient residents than natives we quickly found out that most rental properties all have the same standard off white paint job and brown (circa 1972) shag rug, popcorn insulated ceilings and plywood paneling. Not exactly an inspiring backdrop for great design. But fear not my fellow transplants there are a few tricks to help make your new digs more desirable.

Let’s start with the walls, painting them may not be an option with certain lease agreements so using artwork and fabric can help to brighten a drab space. Large fabric panels or woven hangings can cover a large area, are lightweight and can be packed up easily. Favorite photos and artwork can be made into canvas prints which are lighter and don’t have any glass which can break during a future move. When purchasing curtains think long term by buying the widest panels in case your windows are bigger in your next place. Never buy custom window treatments because they will only fit the windows in your current space. To cover ugly floors you can buy large area rugs or floor cloths that can be washed or dry cleaned and rolled up for easy packing. Outdoor rugs are a great solution for an old concrete patio that needs a softer look. Another great option is floor tiles that can be configured in space and then taken apart and moved to another space in the future.

When thinking about furniture always go smaller rather than larger in case your next space is smaller. A convertible sofa, like our Stella Convertible is multipurpose in saving space as a bed and sofa. Sectional sofas like the Warren Leather Modular Sectional that can be reconfigured to fit in different spaces are also a smart choice. Modular furniture like entertainment centers and shelving like this Sunna Cube Shelving Unit that can be used together or separate, can be invaluable when your space needs change. Think versatility, buying pieces that can be used as storage as well as furniture work well for changing landscapes. For example, the Gallo Leather Storage Ottoman is a large chest that can be used as a coffee table/ottoman in one space or a bench in another.  Ezmod’s Magazine Rack End Table Stool is a stool that doubles as end table, ottoman and magazine storage which serves many uses as well as saving space.  A floor lamp table such as our Fusion Lamp with Table saves space in a moving truck as well as these Mid-Century Nesting Tables. Using things like large baskets and decorative boxes to organize your things can also be used to pack things in when you move again. You can find more moving friendly furniture at Ezmod's website. Always buy for the present while thinking of the future. If you keep your furnishings simple, when you settle in to your new space you will create a stable and a relaxing environment that will carry over to wherever your journey leads you next. Happy trails and remember to keep it EZ! Truly, Kristin M.