In China it has positive connotations associated with success, fortune, happiness and our favorite, passion! Either way, red catches people’s attention and several studies show that red carries the strongest reaction of all the colors. Naturally it's our passion that we provide you with a myriad of furnishings with this bold color at unbeatable prices:

The womb chair

It is simply what its states, this chair envelopes the person and creates a lovely place to "curl up" and relax in a frame upholstered in foam and 100% cashmere fabric over a fiberglass shell. The womb chair with ottoman is listed price at 1,299.99 but at EZmod furniture it’s yours for 780.00 and the shipping is free. This is Eero Saarinen the Finnish American architect's most noted creations next to:

The tulip chair

Often called "space aged" the tulip chair with its smooth lines of modernism was experimental at the time, and was used as the basis of the seating used in the original Star Trek series. This piece of functional art can be assembled quickly, has removable upholstered fabric seat which can be easily washed, and an option to have in white or black, and red or black fabric. You also have a choice of arms at 189.00 or without at 175.00.


The S chair

Verner Panton is considered one of Denmark’s most influential 20th century furniture designers. HE created innovative and futuristic designs using plastics and were proud to have a wonderful recreation of this modern standard. On other websites we’ve seen the prices…Upward to 200 to 250, but at EZmod, we have it an unsurpassable 125.00. It also comes in black or white.


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