The Fourth of July is upon us and it got me thinking about my past Fourth of July holidays that have come and gone. There has always been a common factor in each one, family & friends. This is the heart and soul of most holidays and the reason we look forward with anticipation to each one. That, the food and an extra day off from work, of course.

The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays because of the warm weather (and the close proximity to my birthday which is a week away from the 4th). I am also a big fan of holidays that include a parade and fireworks. I mean who doesn’t love watching a constant stream of red, white and blue clad politicians throwing candy from the back of a convertible? Or Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty riding on crepe paper festooned unicycles? After the parade, my family usually breaks for a mid-day cookout at my house and then it’s time to rally our barbeque stuffed bellies and walk down to the town waterfront to score a coveted patch of grass to watch the fireworks. Admittedly, hearing the American themed music choreographed in time with the fireworks always gets me teary-eyed with feelings of pride for this amazing country we call home. I count my blessings that I was born in a free country and although not perfect, still continues to strive to preserve our freedoms. Sharing these traditions and family bonding time with my kids is important to me so they will remember fondly, as I do the Fourth of July’s of the past. This year, I find myself in a new place celebrating new traditions with new and old friends. My family has exercised our freedom to pick up and move across the country to start a new chapter in our lives this year. It’s been exciting and different on the West coast and there is never a raindate for your activities. Truly, my heart will always be back where I set my roots, with my extended family and childhood friends back East.

In an effort to keep stress at bay this weekend I have once again put into practice my new tradition of creating a holiday themed Pinterest board for you. My “Fourth of July Ideas” board is one I created by pinning holiday recipes, party planning tips, decoration ideas, holiday themed furniture & home décor and activities for the kiddos. How do you celebrate the Fourth of July? Please leave feedback by registering on our Ezmod Furniture website. Have a happy and EZ Fourth of July everyone! Truly, Kristin