In our collection of modern classic furniture, EZmod offers many pieces designed by Eileen Gray, one of the 20th Century's most prolific designers.  Her work and accomplishments in the design world are noteworthy, and her collection continues to sparkle throughout the last thirty-five years.

Eileen Gray's contributions to furniture design and architecture is highly regarded.  Her modern classic furniture designs inspired both modernism and Art Deco.  As a woman, her achievements are well respected and triumphant. 

Ms. Gray escaped to London from her Paris home during World War I.  Throughout her career, she stood alone - first as a lacquer artist and then a furniture designer.  At the beginning of her career, and throughout most of the rest as well, she was the only woman among many men.  Her modern classic furniture design shone even more brightly due to her free method of expression.

Ms. Gray's design style was distinctive, and her way of working was well respected.  She developed an opulent, luxuriant take on form and produced materials used by the International Style designers Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Mies Van Der Rohe.  Since her death, her modern classic furniture became truly iconic.  Unfortunately, for most of her career, she was relegated to obscurity by the same singularity that helped define her style.  

Some of Ms. Gray's challenges included being denied access to support networks because she was a woman.  She also lacked any sort of mentor, because she was looked down upon because of her gender.  However, this rejection led to her own style which lives on, beyond even her own passing.

If you are looking for modern classic furniture that is designed by some of the most iconic designers of the 20th Century, look no further than Ezmod Furniture.  Our ability to find amazing pieces designed by expert designers is one-of-a-kind.  Eileen Gray may have moved on, but her modern classic furniture lives on.