A few weeks back we talked about how to de-clutter your home and now that the purge is over, and hopefully you have recovered, we can talk about where to store all the things you decided you can’t live without. Personally, I only got through my four year olds room and still haven’t recovered! After a quick break for smelling salts, it's now onward and upward my friends because our home is full of untapped storage opportunities just waiting for us to utilize.

A great starting place in your storage forage is taking inventory of what you need to store. This can be broken down by room, then by needs. Let’s start with the kitchen for example, this is probably the area that can use the most organization in your home. Store items in the kitchen based on their purpose. Cooking items like pots and pans, bake ware, spices and cookbooks should all be central to your stove and food prep areas. Store these items between eye and waist height for easier access. Food serving items such as plates, glasses and silverware should go near the sink and dishwasher. This makes set up and clean up much more efficient. Pull-out drawers on lower cabinets can save your back and keeps harder to reach items close at hand. The bedroom is a great place to store items that are more personal to you. Some beds come with a flip up mattress that opens to give you a large “under the bed” amount of storage with easy access. This is ideal for extra blankets and linens that you don’t need on an everyday basis. If you are short on closet space, section off a portion of your room and hang large fabric panels to serve as a decorative divider for your hidden items. Your bathroom can be used for ornamental items that double as storage. Like a wine rack towel holder or woven baskets attached to the wall to hold toiletry items. Re-purposing old items for new uses is very popular right now and also helps the environment! Flea markets are a treasure trove of finds that can be re-purposed. Old shutters look great hanging as a mail sorter or photo holder. Also, vintage suitcases can be cleaned up and used as storage on the inside and stacked up to display old world charm. You can find space in unlikely places like the back of cabinet doors, under stairways, beneath floorboards and with a few minor adjustments you can suit these areas to your storage needs. For more great storage ideas and inspiring photos visit Ezmod Furniture’s Pinterest board Space Savvy Storage Ideas. As always, I welcome your feedback. Please send me your favorite EZ storage ideas. Truly, Kristin