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Talk to me

Mar 11, 2014 4:51:16 PM

Have you taken advantage of our live instant message feature? You will be instantly connected to a live PERSON.

Not a robot.


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Modern Mondays

Mar 11, 2014 4:43:46 PM

EZMOD is launching a new promotion entitled “Deals of the Week,” as a special thank you to fans.

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Mar 4, 2014 4:46:44 PM

EZMOD is having a $250 virtual raffle to all of our supporters and fans. 

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Futuristic Furniture

Feb 4, 2014 3:09:48 PM

Furniture from the future?

Don't be mislead by the title.  

This isn't some naive attempt to correlate furniture with the "Delorian" from back to the future. Albeit there are striking similarities between the two, I doubt a couch could warp the space time contimuem while simotaneously saving Marty McFlies life. But I am starting to feel like a lot of new design and fashions that engulf the contemporary furniture realm are starting to look a lot futuristic, and I love it.  

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A Modern Take On Sofas And Sectionals

Dec 16, 2009 10:43:53 AM

A living room is never complete without a sofa or sectional, in fact, these may well be the largest pieces of furniture in a room and can serve as a focal point. Choosing the right sofa or sectional is important because it dictates the setting and theme of any room that it is placed in. Modern classic furniture pieces feature new twists on classic designs and sofas and sectionals are no exception. The highlight of modern sofas and sectionals is the simplicity of their design and their functionality. Modern classic sofas and sectionals feature geometric and angular designs and are a bit asymmetrical as well. Sleek forms, aerodynamic designs and elements such as plastic and metal allow modern sofas and sectionals to stand out in any room.

Ezmod Furniture offers a varied selection of modern classic sofas and sectionals that is sure to spruce up any modern living room or office waiting area. Our high-quality reproductions are almost identical to the original designs that can be seen in museums throughout the world such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

For example, our Le Corbusier Petite Sofa Set features one sofa and two chairs that are identical to the original designs by the Swiss-French architect and designer, Le Corbusier. This set features pieces that define modern classic furniture; all three pieces feature a sharp, sleek design, shine finish stainless steel frame, and cushion filled with firm but comfortable reinforced foam. This set truly looks like a work of art, adding a touch of modernity to any room that these pieces are placed in. The Le Corbusier set is the perfect example of modern sofas and sectionals, it is meant to be admired for its visual pleasure as well as for its comfort.

The Le Corbusier Petite Sofa Set is only one of the sofas and sectionals that we offer and it is priced below that of our competitors’ and list price, just like all of our other modern classic furniture. Modern classic furniture is the perfect gift for anyone and we are now offering a holiday sale that gives you an additional 10% off of any item in our store. Simply enter code HOL09 when checking out at our site to enjoy this additional offer. Be sure to check out all of our modern sofas and sectionals, as well as our other offerings, at

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