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It’s the most beautiful time of the year indeed! Especially when you have pretty Christmas decorations all over your house. Let’s be real, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas when the decorations aren’t there. Fortunately, getting into the holiday spirit by decorating your place is easy and fun!

0 Comments | Posted in Interior Design Ideas By Cheryl D.

As the main point of interest in a living space, coffee table help set the tone of the whole room, and that’s why it is important that they look good, neat, and stylish every time. Luckily, the options are limitless, it is fairly easy, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money when it comes to styling your coffee table!

0 Comments | Posted in Interior Design Ideas By Cheryl D.

Creative Thanksgiving Themes

Nov 16, 2017 2:42:50 PM

Thanksgiving is undoubtedly one of the best holidays ever, but it can be pretty stressful when you are the one responsible for hosting the dinner party. From decorations to the food, you want to make sure that everyone feels satisfied and happy. This week, we are going to give you a couple of Thanksgiving theme ideas to make your dinner party stand out and become an even more memorable event.

0 Comments | Posted in Interior Design Ideas By Cheryl D.

Easy Halloween Decor Ideas

Oct 5, 2017 4:08:04 PM

Halloween is definitely a great time to be creative about decorating your house, and luckily, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a fun and spooky Halloween décor. This week, we are going to share how to trick out your house for the holiday easily and inexpensively.

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod News By Cheryl D.

Why We "Fancy" Fancy Huli

Dec 1, 2016 9:34:22 AM

Is that dog on a scooter with balloons?  We just fell in love and you will too! Featured on Remodelista, Pretty Fluffy and interior design guru Design Milk’s own sister company Dog Milk, Fancy Huli is taking over animal lovers everywhere.  

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod News By Angelique V.

Hello and nice to meet you!

Apr 30, 2014 11:22:28 AM

I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself, my name is Kristin and I am your new Ezmod blogger who is super excited to talk with all of you about all things EZ Mod and then some! I have worked coast to coast in residential and commercial interior design and love all things that bring style, comfort and easy living into your space.  Let’s get started and talk about my favorite season spring!

1 Comments | Posted in Interior Design Ideas By Kristin M.

Futuristic Furniture

Feb 4, 2014 3:09:48 PM

Furniture from the future?

Don't be mislead by the title.  

This isn't some naive attempt to correlate furniture with the "Delorian" from back to the future. Albeit there are striking similarities between the two, I doubt a couch could warp the space time contimuem while simotaneously saving Marty McFlies life. But I am starting to feel like a lot of new design and fashions that engulf the contemporary furniture realm are starting to look a lot futuristic, and I love it.  

0 Comments | Posted in EZMod Furniture By Corey E.

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