One of the newest trends in modern furniture is the return of the bench.  For a while, the bench seemed to be relegated to picnics and backyard furniture.  However, the bench has returned with a vengeance, and is making its mark on modern furniture throughout the country.

The reason for the bench’s return is its flexibility.  A bench can be used as a seat, a platform or even a table in a pinch.  With so many people living in apartments in urban areas, space is at a premium.  As a result, people need modern furniture that will fit their lifestyle, and not just clunky furniture that serves one purpose.  People need everything in their lives to adjust to different circumstances, whether it be dinner, a party, a work project or something else.

Ezmod Furniture

EzMod has a variety of benches in its modern furniture collection, all of which display a style and grace that blends perfectly with almost any setting.  For example: The Nelson Style Bench comes in black and natural; it also comes in two different lengths, four feet and five feet.  It’s a perfect example of mid-century modernism, and the design director focused on blending usability and style.

This bench can be used in your dining room as an extra chair (or three); in your living room as extra seats, an ottoman or a table; or in your bedroom for multiple uses.  This Nelson Style Bench is designed in a very sleek manner and the color scheme lends itself to almost any other items of furniture you may own.

Adaptable Modern Furniture

Modern lifestyles require furniture that goes with it, and modern lifestyles must adapt to a variety of surroundings.  People live in apartments that vary in size, have different rules about furniture and that are completely different colors.

At Ezmod Furniture, we provide countless pieces of furniture that are adaptable to any lifestyle, any room and any living situation.  If you have a large home that needs quality modern furniture, we can provide that for you.  If you live in a ten story apartment building that needs adaptable modern furniture, we have that as well.

The Nelson Style Bench is a great piece, and can be whatever you need them to be.  To learn more, go to our website,, and browse our incredible selection today!