This past weekend we honored those who fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Commonly people do this by attending parades, visiting cemeteries and gathering with family. My father in law is a Vietnam veteran and he spoke at a local ceremony in which he talked about “Heroes” and what that term means to people today as well as what it means to those who are considered heroes. What is a hero? It means different things to different people, that’s for sure.

Take my kids for example, if you ask them you will get three different responses based on age, maturity and experience. My three year old Maddox says a hero is a Rescue Bot who came from outer space to help humans in emergency situations. My eleven year old Matthew would probably tell you a hero is a character from his video game that blew up the evil super computer before it took over the earth. While my all wise and knowing thirteen year old Marissa thinks her dad, who kills bugs in her room and can fix a computer glitch is her ultimate hero. defines a hero as “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.” So in this description all three of my kids “heroes” qualify. My unsung hero is also my dad who sacrificed his life fighting for my freedom in Vietnam. He died from war complications that affected him 20 years after his tour of duty ended. He was a man of "distinguished courage" and I "admire him greatly for his brave deeds". Along with my grandfather and my father in law who also served their country heroically. I tried to explain to my kids what a real life hero is and showed them pictures of loved ones in uniform but I don’t know if they can grasp the awesome sacrifice of what these men and women who fight for them make. I want them to know that Memorial Day is not just another day off from school, it has true meaning when they realize they live in a free country when so many others in this world don’t. I want them to be thankful for that and for the heroes who lived and died to ensure their future freedom. It’s a true hero who doesn’t think of themselves as a hero. They think of themselves as an ordinary person in an extraordinary circumstance. I think a true hero is a person who puts someone else needs above their own. My son recently interviewed his war hero grandpa who was awarded two purple hearts for bravery in Vietnam about being a hero and his grandpa said “I'm no hero, I just did what anybody else would do in a bad situation.” Truly a heroic statement if I ever heard one. Who do think are our heroes of today? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts with me. In honor of Memorial Day and our unsung heroes Ezmod furniture is having a week long, site wide sale of 10% off your total order. For more information click here. Thanks for keeping it EZ! Truly,

Kristin M.