Ezmod Furniture is not the type of online furniture store that offers generic items at a marked up rate.  We offer a unique opportunity for consumers to purchase one of a kind modern classic furniture at prices that they will not find anywhere else, either online or in stores. 

We also offer a creative selection of items for any home or office, including bar stools.  With apartments, town homes and houses featuring breakfast bars and other tall table settings, our selection of modern classic furniture can adapt to the setting of any home.  Instead of boring bar stools made of pine, we offer the kinds of seating options which can breathe life into a static room with little effort.

Below are four bar stools that are perfect examples of quality modern classic furniture at a price that is simply unparalleled:

LEM Piston Style Bar Stool – Normally priced at $155, the Piston Style bar stool comes in black and is on sale for just $129 at Ezmod.  This item’s sleek look is truly modern and it’s colors will match perfectly with virtually any kitchen or dining room.

Omicron Bar Stools – If you are looking for bar stools that demonstrate classic furniture design while featuring a modern look at the same time, look no further than the Omicron Bar Stools.  At Ezmod, we sell these in pairs and they come in white and black.  Normally these will retail for $280, but at Ezmod we have them for sale at just $220.  That is over 20 percent off the list price!

Acrylic Ghost Bar Stools – For a more traditional bar stool, try the Ghost bar stools.  Made with clear acrylic, these chairs can fit any design color scheme.  We also sells these in pairs at a price that is truly unbeatable.  Normally these fine examples of modern classic furniture would sell for $468; however, at Ezmod we are selling them for just $289.  That is over $170 off the list price!

Espresso Full Leather Stool – If you want a bar stool with a full back, try the Espresso stools we currently feature.  These are dark brown, go well with traditional kitchen styles and are high-quality.  These chairs normally retail at $250, but Ezmod is selling them for just $199.99 each.

As you can see, Ezmod Furniture has everything you need when it comes to bar stools.  Go to our website and see our full selection of bar stools and the rest of our modern classic furniture.