Modern classic furniture has taken the design and furniture industry by storm and can be seen in stores throughout the country. Small neighborhood furniture shops to multinational corporations have taken notice of the rise in popularity of modern classic furniture. One such corporation is the wildly popular Scandinavian furniture store, Ikea. The store offers a large selection of modern classic furniture reproductions; the only problem is that they come at a heavy price. Although Ikea offers furniture that is simplistic, their sky-high prices are anything but simplistic.

In addition to their prices, Ikea also offers furniture that involves a lot of assembly that is complicated and time consuming. Modern classic furniture is meant to be simple and easy, with little to no assembly required. The striking designs are somewhat of a façade; they look simplistic, but they are precise works of art.

Noguchie Coffee Table

Noguchi Coffee Table

Take for example, the Noguchi Coffee Table. This table is truly a work of art; it is displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and was designed by Isamu Noguchi. This beautiful coffee table is a genre defining work of art that integrates form and function in a stunning concoction that is sure to make any room unique. The combination of glass and solid wood makes table durable and visually pleasing as well.

Noguchi Coffee Table

Ezmod Furniture features a high-quality, almost identical reproduction of the original Noguchi Coffee Table called the Tribeca Coffee Table. In addition to this stunning coffee table, Ezmod Furniture also offers a wide array of modern classic furniture that includes reproductions and original pieces. Unlike Ikea, however, Ezmod Furniture offers these items at ridiculously low prices.

We make it easy and affordable for anyone looking to give their home or office a modern classic makeover. Ezmod Furniture offers all kinds of reproductions by modern classic legends including Isamu Noguchi, Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray, Harry Bertoia, George Nelson and many more. Our items are offered at prices that are below the list price and the price of our competitors. In addition to these great savings, Ezmod Furniture also offers free shipping on all of our items to save you even more money.

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