Charles-Edourd Jeanneret-Gris was born in Switzerland in Oct. 6, 1887 and moved to Paris in 1917. He used Le Corbusier as a pseudonym from that point forward. He came from parents that were artists themselves. When Charles-Edourd Jeanneret-Gris was 13 he left home to attend De Coratifs Et La Chaux-de Fonds and learned the art of enameling and engraving watch faces like his father. It is at that school that he met L ‘Eplatlenier who taught him art history, drawing, and Art Nouveau. He was also encouraged to study architecture. L “Eplatlenier helped him secure commissions on local projects. In 1907 he designed his first house and then traveled throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Le Corbusier theorized about reinforced concrete as a structural frame for inexpensive prefabricated housing for people after WWI. With this technology he was able to build open floor plans without supportive beams and poles throughout the interior. Le Corbusier also painted and in 1928 Le Corbusier turned his attention towards furniture design. He hired Charlotte Perrinand and also collaborated with his cousin, Pierre Jeanneret to develop furniture. As a result of this collaboration the Conversation Chair (B301) and the Relaxation Chair (B306) the chaise lounge was produced. We sell reproductions of Le Corbusier’s furniture under our Modern Classic Category. Take a look see.