This chair offers that artistic pizzazz that is missing to your home. The fabric includes a mix of vibrant blue, yellow, red, green, black, white, tan, and maroon. If you are redecorating you have a lot of colors to choose from when coordinating fabrics and accessories. This chair is great if you love white with a mix of colors to add cheer and vitality. Your chairs will bring years of enjoyment and spice at the table, all you need in the recipe are friends and family and you have a party! Why not include one of our newly added tables to go with these pieces of art? The Pizzaro Dining Chair would go very well with the Slim Dining Table, Roca Table, Galaxy Table, or any one of the three Wilco Dining Tables that come in your choice of red, black, or white. Not only are the chairs art, so are these tables, check these items out or peruse through our other furnishings. We have added highly stylized modern lighting such as standing lamps and desk lamps. These lighting designs are spectacular! I myself am in love with the Falling Stars Table Lamp. This lamp looks great while it is on, especially around shiny surfaces where the light can bounce off of. There is a picture included that shows the lamp on while it is dark, you will be wowed like I was. If you are into science fiction and ultra modern styles check out the Pulsar Ceiling and Table lamps and the Super Nova table and Quasar Floor Lamps. These lights are out of this world and make it seem like you are viewing the night sky.