If you have limited space like most of us in your home I know having ample storage space is a problem. It is especially harder if you lived in your home for a decade or more when the collection of things that you hoped would prove useful someday ends up taking up space more than it is useful. Sentimental items, once valuable things that you have hoped you would fix one day but you haven’t had the time, seasonal items, seasonal clothing, all take up valuable space. So what are you supposed to do in these situations? Well besides cleaning and getting tough with yourself you still need extra storage to keep things looking neat and tidy. The furniture items that become very valuable in these circumstances are pieces of furniture that exists for dual purposes. Items that provide space saving solutions and have hidden storage are a great investment. Items such as storage ottomans are a great invention for providing seating, a surface to place things on, and storage to boot. You gotta love it. What about a sofa that has a mechanism built into it that raises the seat level and provides storage underneath the Chaise Lounge? Our Linden Tan Microfiber Sofa Bed does this, wow! Very cool. Our Tosato TV Stand provides all the storage you would need for your dvd’s or blue ray movies, video games, a place for your music players. The Tosato TV Stand is great because it is a little higher than the average tv stand and provides all that storage. If I were in the market for a TV stand I would get this one! One last item that I would like to mention is the Prescott Table & Storage Stools. This item is great for parties or for a kiddie table at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. Please browse through our array of furniture and give me a call in the sales department. 1-866-630-6161 and ask for Sales or Janette. Hope to talk to you soon!!