Designers have invested their time and money in order to design as a profession. This means that they have an innate interest in aesthetics and personal reasons for pursuing a design career. When a person invests that much time and money into something you know they are going to put their best efforts forward in order to serve you, the client. When meeting with a designer their goals are your goals. You are in the driver’s seat. Usually a designer will have forms and questionnaires for you to fill out detailing your likes, dislikes, preferences, colors you would like to use, style you would like to use, and specific needs that you and your family have. There will be questions that are industry standards. The answers to these questions will be the guidelines to which they work from. I would like to give you access to questionnaires designers may use to determine your needs. This will also help you to know your needs. You can download free questionnaires from your search engine if you type something like: free interior design client questionnaire templates. I also took the liberty of attaching a few here for you to copy and paste and then download since they are freely offered on the web. I hope this is helpful for you and any projects that you may have now and in the future.