Today’s Friday Fun post is in anticipation of the holiday around the corner – Halloween. Pumpkin carving is the must-do decorating trend of the season, but you don’t always have to go for the traditional jack-o-lantern to spruce up that orange orb. Here are five modern pumpkin decorating ideas that will make the trick-or-treaters (or at least their parents) jealous.

Pumpkins gilded gold. Is there anything more sophisticated? This look reminds us of Cinderella, because it has that certain magic about it. You will find instructions on how to get the look from the Country Living website.

Image courtesy Country Living

If you’re looking for a simple but effective way to spruce up your pumpkins this year, try decorating them with ribbon. Black, white and orange ribbon can be attached to the circumference of a pumpkin with a little double-sided tape, and voila! You’ve got a stunning centerpiece.

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping

For the more crafty out there, you can give your pumpkins a silvery sparkle with a little wire, some pliers and a screwdriver. Simply bend the wire, leaving a half-inch point sticking out. Then poke a hole in the pumpkin skin with the screwdriver, and insert the wire. Beautiful!

Image courtesy of Bella Knitting

Pumpkin candle holders are an ingenious way to maintain that glowing jack-o-lantern feel without the spooky grin. When placing these hollowed-out pumpkins around your home, just be sure they are in a well-ventilated area to avoid a fire hazard.

Image courtesy of Midwest Living

Painted pumpkins pack quite a style punch! You can add tribal bands of black symbols around its exterior, or paint the whole pumpkin white for a ghostly effect.

Image courtesy of Alabama Living