One of the reasons Ezmod furniture can provide cutting edge modern classic furniture is because we invest time and energy into finding furniture designed by trend setting individuals.  For example, a number of our pieces (including the Tribeca Coffee Table) were designed by Isamu Noguchi, a world famous architect from the 20th Century.

Born n 1904, Noguchi was a Japanese American artist and landscape architect whose career spanned six decades, beginning in the 1920's.  While widely known for his sculptures and public art, he spent a great deal of time designing modern classic furniture for various Martha Graham productions.  There is actually a museum dedicated to his work in New York City, The Noguchi Museum, which displays his various pieces of art.

Noguchi's work influenced, or was influenced by, a number of artistic movements, including:  expressionism; surrealism; 20th century abstract art; and much more.  The Tribeca Coffee Table on sale at is a perfect example of the type of modern classic furniture that Noguchi spent his life designing.

Noguchi Awards and Notable Moments

 - He designed the sets and costumes for a controversial theater production of King Lear

 - He was elected to membership in the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1962.

 - He was elected as a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1971.

At Ezmod, we work hard to find designers whose modern classic furniture will fit perfectly with our collection and with what we know our customers are interested in.  The Tribeca Coffee Table is sturdy, possesses aunique design and is perfect for any living, office or other living space.  This is just one of the pieces of modern classic furniture we offer that is designed by a renowned artist, architect or designer.  Instead of paying thousands of dollars for high-end furniture with a name designer, you can go to and find Noguchi designed furniture at an amazing price.