When space is limited the smart buys are on items that can be used for multiple functions. Items with extra storage space or items that can be folded up and put away are great.

Our Aurora Pub Table Set Our Aurora Pub Table Set is great because of its versatility and small size. It can not only be used for dining and drinking but it can also be used as an extra counter to cut and prepare food. This piece is great for a studio apartment. Our Collapsible Pub Table Set is very great as well. You can fold up the table when not in use. It is very easy to manage. You can even do this while your guests are there after your meal. Botero Coffee Table Set and Prescott Table & Storage Stools Both of these sets are great space savers and can be used for dining or game playing within a small space. The stools slide underneath the table very neatly. The Prescott table top is wood, while the Botero table top is glass. Lastly, our Futon Sofa’s can be easily converted to a bed for an overnight guest. Our Ewing and LF-P03 futons come in black and brown and our LF-582 comes in beige and dark grey linen. When designing for small spaces, form and function take a very high priority.