Historically interior design and clothing fashion have been linked together. With the rise in chandelier earrings a few years ago I have noticed increased chandeliers use in homes. Chandeliers are not just for elegant and expensive environments anymore. Chandeliers are very chic and hip now. There are so many choices to choose from and they are used in all types of decors. Since chandeliers are being used in more and more interiors there is an increase in using chandelier like jewelry in accessories too, although this has been the case historically. Do you love jewelry and beading? I have some lovely pictures for you to look at to inspire you. You don’t necessarily have to buy furniture with jewelry on it, you can do it yourself. Stenciling patterns can not only be used for paint, they can also be used to create patterns to apply beads and other notions. Better yet, you can combine a little jewels within your painted stenciled work. These beads and other notions can easily be found at Michaels, the craft store. There you can find glues, paints, and beading to add embellishments to your furniture, lamp shades, and pillows. Don’t forget, you can also find silver and gold tone paints at Michaels too. Home Depot and Michaels have a Martha Stewart line for your creative needs. Here is a website that you can purchase stencils from without ever leaving your home. The site is: http://stencilwerks.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=44. If your inner artistic side needs an outlet, don’t hesitate to let that creativity out. You don’t have to be an artist. All you need is a desire to let the inner child play with ideas and a little extra time for yourself on the weekends. You can work on these projects over time. Who says you have to start and finish your projects in a short amount of time anyway? You can start with things in the garage or old furniture for practice or hit the yard sales for some furniture canvases that you wouldn’t be afraid to develop your craft.