The first thing needed when designing a room is the space plan. There are many ways to situate a room and depending upon your needs, that will determine how you will situate your furniture. Make a checklist of what the furniture pieces that you are already using, but furniture that may be elsewhere that could be a good fit once again. Measure your room and each piece of furniture. Get rid of unnecessary things such as those gifts that you are saving, or your college school work up in the closet. De-clutter your interior space and get rid of things that you don’t need, use, or want or move it out into the garage (which is one level short of eventually tossing it, but if you need to place it in the garage so that you have less emotional attachment to the item(s), then by all means place it in the garage). I find that this has to be done routinely like when you change your oil, it is normal maintenance. Figure out how much storage you need. Out of your inventory, make a list of items that would make your life easier. Dressers, shelves, bookcases, and cabinets are items that I am on the lookout for. Consider your needs, do you need lots of little storage spaces spread out throughout the room or would it be better for you to invest in a wall unit that keeps your storage in one area and has lots of drawers and cabinets to put things in? Have you ever considered adding cabinets close to the ceiling? I have thought about doing this in my room for a very long time but haven’t because I know that adding a long cabinet that reaches floor to ceiling would be better if I could afford it. I am working on finding different free computer programs that help in the planning and designing of your room. I will keep you posted and give you reviews of the different free programs that are offered online. These programs are fun to use and can aid in saving you time and money because planning out a room is much better than physically moving it around, only to find once you finished you don’t like the way the room flows after all that work. Check back on Friday for the results of my research and reviews.