This is a very exciting time for design enthusiasts. There is so much information readily at your disposal. In order to shop you no longer have to waste your time and energy shopping, wasting your gas, or dealing with those nasty parking meters and parking garages that charge so high. These days all you need is computer access to shop effectively for your home and practically anything you would want. You can easily shop from the comfort of your own home for furnishings, paint colors, fabric, and accessories. The trick is knowing where and how to find your resources, not too hard, right? You can even choose a color palette for your home online for ideas, all you need to type in are a couple of key words like interior color palette for 2013 or include some version of that wording that includes your favorite colors and lots of images pop on the screen curtailed to whatever you want. For instance, this morning I typed in Jewel Tones for Interiors and a lot of beautiful images came onto the screen. I felt happy and exhilarated at the same time. I have this thing for jewel color palettes; I think it stems from those colors being part of my last assignment in design school. If you ever get stuck or get in a rut and need inspiration there are so many pictures out there for design ideas. It is very exciting. Say you are looking for fabric or wallpaper that is to the interior design trade only. All you have to do is do an online search for wallpaper, accessory, or fabric buying services and you have access to the same resources that designers have access to. There are so many free resources out there such as free websites to let you play with product placement and actually see renderings on your screen of what your room or rooms can become. The free online design software offers are used as a marketing tool, but, you can utilize it to further your own design goals and don’t have to succumb to purchasing their brands of choice. The greatest aspect of online shopping is that you don’t have the pressure of the sales people right in your personal space surrounding you like hawks. You can pick and choose what you like on your time with no sales person over your shoulder. We are living in fabulous time in history because you have a lot of resources at your finger tips. You can use these online tools to play around with and test your design skills and even see if you want to pursue a career in that field. You can shop at 3:00 in the morning if you want to and that is perfectly okay, you can do it whenever you want with endless possibilities. You can print out the products and make idea books in every category such as furniture, paint colors, carpeting, and accessories. Later after you feel you have the items that you want you can do a search at the end focusing on just the pricing. All of you that are in the market for interior items you are in the best time for it. Just think about it 15 years ago, we didn’t have the luxury of the Internet. Nowadays the internet is not just a luxury; it is a necessity and useful tool for saving time, money, and most important, your physical energy. You can also get the advice of others and friends of yours by creating idea books on social media sites. Now is a great time in history for enthusiasts of any interest really, I am partial to the design aspect though, you understand. Do you agree?