Thanksgiving is undoubtedly one of the best holidays ever. Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, this holiday originally celebrates the giving of thanks for the autumn harvest. The best part of this holiday is, of course, when friends and families get together for a delicious meal. It can be pretty stressful, however, when you are the one responsible for hosting the dinner party. From decorations to the food, you want to make sure that everyone feels satisfied and happy. On this week’s blog, we are going to give you a couple of Thanksgiving theme ideas to make your dinner party stand out and become an even more memorable event with your loved ones.

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1.Turkey here, Turkey there!

This is the obvious one. Turkey is a very crucial part of Thanksgiving for most people. Don’t stop on the food; make your dinner party even more fun with turkey decoration as well. You can start by dominating your table setting with orange, yellow, and brown color. Create a DIY thanksgiving card with turkey prints on them, or you can also create pine cone turkeys with the help of pipe cleaners and a few feathers.

 2. Rustic Party

If only the weather in November is warm enough for us to have an outside feast. But don’t worry, you can still bring the beauty of the outdoors inside your house. Try to stay as natural as possible by using neutral colors, if you have a wood dining table that also helps too. Create a picnic vibe by using a plaid tablecloth on your dinner table and decorate your place with beautiful leaves and branches that can be easily found outside.

Source: Pinterest

 3.All-around-the-world Potluck

Let’s go international! Simply ask your guests to choose a culture from around the world and to bring some food or side dish from that culture. For decoration, you can hang several country flags on your wall and cover your dining table with a world map. If you want to be all-out, ask your guests to dress up in the traditional clothing of the culture too!

 4. Sports Lovers

What’s more fun than eating delicious food while cheering on your favorite sports team? This combo is perfect for all of you sports lovers because there are plenty of football games to watch during Thanksgiving Day. Decorate your place with all sports-related: print some pictures of football, basketball, or soccer ball, and hang them on your wall, and create a DIY sports themed card and put them on each dining seat.