Transparent furniture design is getting more and more popular nowadays. With so many different advantages, it’s no wonder why people choose this type of furniture. First of all, the translucent furniture is simply stylish—it somehow looks both contemporary and timeless, making it a fantastic material for transitional rooms. Besides that, having a see-through furniture design is also great if you live in a smaller/more limited space, as they are so light and airy. It is definitely a clever option if you want to optimize your space visually. Last but not least, the clear construction of a furniture is also more durable and easier to maintain—they are easy to clean no matter if you put it indoor or outdoor. Let’s take a look and learn a little bit more at some of the transparent furniture that Ezmod Furniture is selling!


This is a superior, upscale piece that will accent any room!  It’s comfortable, lightweight, and durable that makes for an excellent conversation piece. This versatile accent chair can be used in commercial spaces, home, office and patios. This simple, modern chair is constructed with a durable transparent acrylic seat and comes with a steel base finished with a coat of high- shine chrome. Black floor protectors are included to help prevent scratching on your hard flooring. Add several Lexy Eiffel Base Ghost Chairs around your kitchen table and watch as the room is instantly transformed with a classic retro-inspired look.


Simple, understated, but still stylish, the Parq End Table is perfect for providing a place to rest or store your favorite things without adding a bulky or cluttered look to your room. The contemporary side table is made with clear transparent acrylic (Lucite) from a single mold and is lightweight yet sturdy. The underside of the tabletop features a square-like raised pattern for extra interest. Because the texture is on the underside of the table, the top surface remains smooth yet features an attractive pattern. Two or more of this table arranged in close proximity makes a great coffee table, too


Reinvent your surroundings with this Louie Arm Chair. Experience beyond the normal or physical level.  The Louie Arm Chair is appropriate for any room, kitchen, dining & living room setting, makes an especially bold statement in smaller sized rooms. Like round area rugs, the softer, curvier edges on the chair combined with its clear construction allows it to present the illusion of a larger room by softening otherwise harsh corner angles. It is constructed of durable polycarbonate material and is shock, scratch and weather resistant.